Auto Dismantlers

When people eventually don't need that used auto any longer, they usually trade it into a dealer or sell it privately. But sometimes, a vehicle is just too far gone or too old to sell. That's where auto dismantlers play a vital role in the economy and the life cycle of cars all over the country.

Here are some reasons you should take your car, truck, van, or other vehicle to an auto dismantler.

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What is an Auto Dismantler?

These are businesses that do exactly what the name suggests. They dismantle cars. In the U.S. they are known as salvage or junk yards. These are places where people bring their old vehicles and basically give them away. Some more valuable vehicles may fetch money for the weight of their metals.

The dismantler then either lets the vehicle sit on their typically vast properties or they crush it and sell the scrap metal.

A Thriving After Market Parts Supplier

One great reason to take that old vehicle to an auto dismantler instead of leaving it by the side of the road is that they provide an excellent source of used parts for other vehicles still on the road. Auto parts can be extremely expensive so car owners can go to dismantlers and buy the parts they need at a fraction of the cost.

Recycling Helps the Environment

When you take your car into one of these businesses, you are recycling. That means people will go to these companies first for their auto parts needs before creating demand for new parts which causes manufacturers to make new parts which isn't as healthy or sustainable for the environment.

Helping Local Businesses

Dismantlers are often family run businesses that have been around for generations. Typically they are situated on huge portions of land that have been around for a while. By donating your vehicle to places like these or using them as a customer of used auto parts, you are helping to support your local economy.

Other Valuable Services

Salvage yards don't just take old cars and sell parts. They provide a variety of other valuable services to their communities. Some businesses may also sell used vehicles both online and in person. Others may provide auction services and still others may provide scrap collection services so you don't have to tow your vehicle all the way in to get rid of it.

Cheaper Alternatives for Cars

Salvage yards who also sell vehicles offer people a much cheaper way to get into a car than they otherwise would have access to. Salvage vehicles are often sold at steep discounts and run just as well as any other traditional used vehicle. As long as you take the proper precautions in learning about how to get a title on a salvage vehicle and you're buying from a reputable yard, it's a great deal.


Auto dismantling is a vital component of the life cycle of any vehicle. After these cars, trucks, bikes, vans, and other vehicles have passed their prime, salvage yards pick up the next step in the process and make sure these materials get recycled in an efficient and sustainable way.